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Professionism - Dedication

Customers satisfaction and truly value services are our mottos in the business.
Bonario distributes authentic interior fabrics, wallcoverings, blinds, curtains, partitions, sofas & pillows imported directly from famous brands worldwide. We guarantee the products in terms of quality, quantity, design, size, etc. to meet customers high demands.
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Design Consulting
"Home sweet home" Bonario always strives to make customers ideas about a perfect living space or friendly working space come true. Not only improving the aesthetics, we always want to optimize the living space and create a comfortable feeling for each customer through a genuine and professional combination of colors, textures, furniture arrangement.
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With a team of highly trained and skilled professionals from China, Bonario can handle different materials from simple to complex. We always serve with a professional attitude and standard installation proven through many big projects such as Samsung Bitexco, Vinpearl Discovery 3, Acecook Office, etc.
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Bonario provides genuine warranty service as specified by brands.
In addition, we perform maintenance to retain the aesthetic features and usability of the product. The operational maintenance includes:

- Professional cleaning of curtains, sofas, and wallcovering.
- Steaming and ironing interior fabrics
- Periodically checking products, engines, accessories, etc.
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