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These following steps show you how to order products (including Upholstery Fabrics and Wallcoverings) on Bonario website:

Step 1: In Homepage, point the mouse icon to Product section in the menu bar. After that, choose and click to the product category that you want to see.

Step 2: You can easily sort products depending on your favorite color, style and usage with the filter column on the left of product page.

Besides, the color options available for each product will appear when you move the mouse icon to one specific product on the product page.

Step 3: On detailed product page, click on the color option that you want to choose, then click “GET A QUOTE” button. Our consultants would contact and send you a quotation for your selection.

*For Wallcoverings: There is a button “Roll calculator” that you can click on and estimate the number of wallpaper rolls needed for your room/house, based on wall dimensions.

  • How to use ROLL CALCULATOR:

First, determine areas that need wallcoverings.

Second, measure the width and height of the walls and fill in the blank. For instance, there are 2 areas that you want to put wallpaper on, the measured dimensions are 3m x 4m and 4m x 4m (Figure 1).

Finally, click on the button “CALCULATE”, based on the dimensions you have provided and the roll dimension of our products, the estimated number of wallcovering rolls that you need for your interior space will appear.

*This result is an estimate, the exact number will be provided after inspection at your space by Bonario.

(Figure 1)


Option 1: Cash deposit or credit card at Bonario Showroom

Option 2: Bank transfer

  • Note: Please provide [Order number] + [Your Phone Number] when you pay by bank transfer method. After you have paid, please inform us by text message in order to complete your purchase. Your order would only be completed when we received your payment.


3.1 Shipping Policy:

We provide nationwide and worldwide shipping.

Delivery time

For online customers, we will contact to confirm your order info and inform the estimated delivery time for specific location. For customers who want to pick up themselves, Bonario would inform the specific time for picking up when we proceed orders.

The following delivery time will be counted since all information of your order has been confirmed by Bonario:

  • Ho Chi Minh City: 3-5 days
  • Ho Chi Minh City’s Suburbs: 5-7 days
  • Other provinces and cities: about 10 days.

However, there might be some circumstance that the delivery time may get longer than expectation:

  • We can’t contact customers by the phone number that they have provided.
  • Customers’ location is not accurate or it is difficult to find your place.
  • The volume of customers’ order has increased unexpectedly, which makes order process would take longer.
  • Customers’ order requires air freight in shipping, the order process might also take longer.

For all those above situations, Bonario will inform you immediately and update all the changes in your order information. That would makes you keep update and have a better tracking on your order.

Shipping fee

We provide FREE SHIPPING on orders within Ho Chi Minh City and other nearby provinces (within 20km).

For other further location but still in Ho Chi Minh City, we offer shipping fee from 20,000VND to 200,000VND depending in your package weight and your specific location.

For other province, we will ship by third parties and the shipping fee will be informed after order confirmed.

3.2 Exchanges & Returns Policy:

Since customers have received their orders, there will be 3 days for exchanges and returns if there is any problems happened. Please follow below steps if you want to exchange or return your order:

  • Step 1: Contact us by our hotline (028) 6660 9009 to inform your problems, make an exchange/return request along with information including reasons why you want to exchange/return, photos and other evidences if needed.
  • Step 2: Bonario will proceed your request on our system within 3 working days.
  • Step 3: Bonario confirm all information and send you an announcement of your request confirmation.
  • Step 4: Customers ship your package to Bonario warehouse.
  • Step 5: Bonario receive your package and proceed a return and exchange for your order within 1-3 working days.

Exchanges/Returns Policy:

  • Products must be in unused condition
  • The returns or exchanges must be provided back with full package and receipt which was given by Bonario.
  • For products which were purchased by vouchers/coupons, we only offer for exchange only.


All products from Bonario will have 6 months of warranty, except if otherwise provided in particular detailed product pages.

Our free warranty service:

  • Covers any defects in materials used to manufacture products.
  • The warranty period will be counted from the date you received your package.
  • The receipt must be completely undamaged, faded and not have any changes.

Your product will not be under our free warranty when:

  • It is over the warranty period.
  • The product is not qualified for get warrant cover.
  • Information of the product does match with the information on the receipt.
  • Customers has brought the product to somewhere else to fix before going to Bonario.
  • Any defects of the product caused by customers.

Note: For all products which are considered to be charged for warranty service, Bonario will inform and consult all solutions for your product.